Watch the ÉNIGME DU JOUR intro video featuring DJ DELF and then download and share the ÉNIGME DU JOUR activity tool (PDF) with your students for them to use along with the 115 ÉNIGME DU JOUR videos.

DJ DELF Dailies Tools 2021-ENIGME DU JOUR Activity Tool.pdf

SUPER TIP: Send your students on a mission to find French riddles or funnies of their own. You can have an online folder where students can contribute. Do your students need extra speaking practice? Don't have them just send you the written French riddles or funnies, have them audio record themselves reading their found French funnies or riddles and send the audio file to you.

Speaking of French funnies. You can always catch a smile, laugh, or groan from your students by sharing the famous Friday French Funnies videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cub8zMDcqyI&list=PLdKEk36GHjqC9p46FEDHCNr2oDMxcMp-D

What are your thoughts on using riddles or laughter in the French class? Drop your thoughts and share you ideas in the comments section below.

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