Watch the MARDI MUSIQUE intro video featuring DJ DELF and then download and share the MARDI MUSIQUE activity tool (PDF) with your students for them to use along with the 40 MARDI MUSIQUE videos.

DJ DELF Dailies Tools 2021 MARDI MUSIQUE Activity Tool.pdf

SUPER TIP: Most students love music. As ÉTIENNE said in the intro video, go beyond the 40 videos from the DJ DELF Dailies pack, have your students scour the internet and music apps for good French music to share in class. Always preview their choices before sharing with the whole class, of course. Be open to all styles of music from French pop to French experimental polka dubstep. Hey! Don't judge! lol For extra fun, you can challenge student to karaoke to French songs and record themselves on video (if permitted in your district) or audio. This is a fun assignment if teaching online. It immerses the student into the song, playing with the French language, and ultimately performing it themselves.

Love using music in the French classroom. I would definitely recommend you hop over to the "Rock Your French Music Videos" free online mini-course after you are done this one: https://rockyourclass.teachable.com/p/rock-your-french-music-videos

Music is the background of the lives of our students. What are some appropriate songs that you've used that you could share with the rest of us French teachers? Drop your thoughts, comments, and suggestions in the comments section below.

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