Watch the SUJET DU JOUR intro video featuring DJ DELF and then download and share the SUJET DU JOUR activity tool (PDF) with your students for them to use along with the 115 SUJET DU JOUR videos.

Click on the orange download link below to use Ruth Gretsinger's creative categorized SDJ video grid.

Les sujets du jour par catégorie Ruth Gretsinger.pdf
DJ DELF Dailies Tools 2021-SUJET DU JOUR Activity Tool.pdf

SUPER TIP#1: After your students completed the "Sujet du jour" on their activity tool, get them talking! Grab the DJ DELF hypoallergenic "Sujet du jour" stress ball or even pretend to toss around an imaginary ball. During a class discussion time, pass the ball around and have students share thoughts from what they wrote in the box provided on the activity tool (even if they just read out loud). Only the person with the ball can speak. Continue sharing until a time (that you set) expires (ex. 3 minutes). Or, spice things up with the three strikes game! Keep the topic of conversation going until the class earns three strikes. If they class keeps talking about today's Sujet du jour for the rest of the period, the students WIN! No French lessons that day. ;) Well, except for the fact they spent the rest of the class completely speaking French! lol The conversation keeps going until they earn three strikes. A strike is earned if:

  1. The student with the ball speaks English
  2. The student with the ball says a word or expression already used by another students (meaning they are not bringing anything new to the conversation.... unless it's a shared opinion, you can allow that)
  3. The student with the ball speaks new French. Meaning they are making up words that aren't even French. lol

If the bell rings and your students are still doing the Sujet du jour... believe me, you ALL won. They have read, listened, written and spoken in French and covered more curriculum expectations than most traditional methods ever will. Congrats!

SUPER TIP#2: If you are teaching online or in a situation where your students don't have the time or chance to speak in the French class, have them audio record themselves reading their words or sentences from their "Sujet du jour" activity box.

What do you think of these little "Sujet du jour" videos? Can you see other applications to using a subject of the day video with your French students? Drop your thoughts and share you ideas in the comments section below.

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