Questions are key to helping students down the road to French proficiency. Here, students will have access to two sets of questions. Have your students explore the questions and choose what ones they will want to ask the artists.

Want a booster idea? Have the students do the 3 answer method.

  1. Have students read each question and record or discuss what they anticipate the answer will be from the artists
  2. Have students record their own answer to the questions
  3. Have students ask each other the questions and record each others' answers


Let's start with the basics. If you teach newer learners to French, these questions are perfect. Intermediate and advanced learners can start here and springboard to the "tough questions."

The recording tool provided can be used before, during, or after your concert experience. Students are encouraged to record the answers during the interview portions of your concert experience for possible use with STEP 4 of this yearlong event.

Concert Experience SIMPLE questions.pdf
Concert Experience QUESTION-ANSWER recording tool.pdf


Ready to ask the hard-hitting questions and practice some more complicated French? These questions are perfect for intermediate and advanced learners. Students can start here and springboard to create their own personalized questions.

Concert Experience TOUGH questions.pdf
Concert Experience QUESTION-ANSWER recording tool.pdf


Your students have explored the "simple" and the "tough" questions, but maybe they want to ask √ČTIENNE, DJ DELF, or the boys from NOUS other questions. Well, they can! Take the time to discuss as a class a number of questions you'd like to ask, and include those questions with your concert experience order.

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