Imagine a tailor-made concert for your French class(es) where the concert experience lasts for the entire school year. Imagine no more! 

Students get a personalized French learning experience because you choose:

  1. The songs you want the artist(s) to perform
  2. The questions you want the artist(s) to answer
  3. The personal shoutouts you want made

Once your order is received, we will film your personalized French concert experience and upload it via a private YouTube link for repeated viewing by you, your students, and their parents. Plus, we keep the comments section open so that your group can converse confidentially with the artists en français (ou en anglais) for the rest of the school year!

Your Yearlong French Concert Experience comes complete with:

  1. Dozens of music videos to explore and begin interacting with the artist(s) before you order your personalized show.
  2. A full resource package including artist questions for authentic and spontaneous involvement.
  3. Post-concert projects for you to deepen the learning experience with your students.
  4. Full year access to hundreds of dollars of French videos, tools, and resources via the Rock Your French Class 3-n-1 Bundle Package.

Now, what if you're students are unfamiliar with the pop culture icon ÉTIENNE, or DJ DELF, or NOUS? Maybe you aren't either. No worries. Here is a quick graphic to catch you up with some of what ÉTIENNE has been up to over the past 30 years. You'll love the "classroom cred" side of things. But, when sharing the "deets" with your students, stick to the "rockstar" side of the graphic... it's the "influencer" or "fame" cred that many students need before they can "buy in" to anything. :)

Watch this video for full details about the yearlong French concert experience:

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