Thousands of teachers and students worldwide love the DJ DELF KIT PLUS resource not only for the live concerts, online class visits, the interactive comprehensive readers, authentic activities... they love starting each French class with the DJ DELF DAILIES. Over 310 ready-made short videos with over 100 subjects of the day, over 100 riddles of the day, over 40 images of the week, and over 40 songs of the week, you will start each and every class off with students listening, reading, writing, and speaking in French. The best part? All the student and evaluation tools are ready and done for you and DJ DELF (himself) does the teaching (not the marking, though).

Remember to take advantage of the hundreds of DJ DELF DAILIES waiting for you in your DJ DELF DAILIES platform right here on the Rock Your Class platforms site.

Go to your MY PRODUCTS section if you have this resource or click here for immediate access and a free 7 day trial for these beauties: Remember that "Routines Root Teens", as ETIENNE says in his best-seller ROCK YOUR CLASS. If you start with a daily routine, you will benefit from more structure and fewer classroom management issues. :)

With the DJ DELF Dailies, you will have access to more than one video for every day of the pedagogical year, and these videos are re-usable for the rest of your career. Nine hours of video content in total! Easy to use and you can adjust the expectations and targets as your students become more proficient with the French language.

There are four parts to the DJ DELF Dailies:

  • Énigme du jour: a riddle or wordplay puzzle to get students thinking.
  • Sujet du jour: various nouns, activities, etc. centered around a daily subject/theme.
  • Mardi musique: students will be presented a song and tasked with sharing how it made them think, feel, etc.
  • Jeudimage: students will study a picture, and complete an activity based on the image. This is meant to be a catalyst for in-class discussion.

Here is one example of the DJ DELF DAILIES. This is a "SUJET DU JOUR." You would simply play the video and allow DJ DELF to start your day as you do attendance, return assessed work, catch up with students, or run to get a coffee leaving DJ DELF in charge! lol

Students would then use the recording tool to record as many words, sentences, questions, they can about the subject of the day. After providing students time to record on the tool, you could do a think/pair/share and discuss high-frequency and new vocabulary related to today's SUJET DU JOUR.

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