Who are you?

Here is a brief bio often used to describe my Hannah Montana life:

Steven “ÉTIENNE” Langlois is an award-winning teacher-rockstar and author of the #1 best-selling book “Rock Your Class.” When he’s not performing for millions of fans in packed theaters and arenas worldwide or teaching in packed classrooms back home, he’s busy helping K-12 teachers rock their classes with expert engagement strategies.

What qualifies you to speak on this topic of French missions?

I'm competitive by nature and I've seen how competition can drive students to academic success. The chapter "Zest to Compete" in the ROCK YOUR CLASS book lays out exactly how mixing fun and competition with curriculum expectations can be a recipe for better student engagement and understanding. This free online course will focuses on how to harness that power into little French missions.

On top of that, I have taught French for over 28 years, I've worked as a consultant, author, composer, and lead on many French programs for leading educational publishing companies worldwide, as well as worked for several provincial and federal agencies. Look below to see just a few. Some you may have grown up using programs from these publishing companies as a student, some you may be currently using as a teacher.

Who is this free mini-course for?

This is for all French teachers. K-12. All levels (Core, Basic, Extended, AP, IB, M-O-U-S-E, French Immersion, and French first language).

This ROCK YOUR FRENCH MISSIONS free mini-course is for:

  • Creative teachers looking to build their own tailor-made French missions program from scratch
  • Creative teachers that want the keys to a tailor-made French missions program that is open to the addition of personal touches
  • Busy teachers that want a complete French missions program with all the bells and whistles so that they can concentrate more on their students' journey down the road to French proficiency, rather than spending extended time building and constantly re-building that road along the way
  • French teachers that are a mix of any of the above

What are you going to walk us through?

Having taught and authored over a span of four decades, I'm at the point where I would like to share my insights on what I have seen work in French classes across the globe. I will break down what I feel are solid French mission strategies, from top to bottom. A solid French missions program that can be taught online, in class, or hybrid. A solid French missions program that includes:

  • Leveled missions for varying abilities
  • A variety of missions to engage students in challenges for French reading, writing, speaking and/or reading
  • Stress-free planning
  • Authentic activities and projects
  • Differentiation and modification (for those teaching split or combine classes)
  • Assessment and evaluation
  • Meeting 100% of your curriculum expectations
  • Injecting French culture
  • Setting up you and your students for success

Click through the modules. But treat this like a conversation between you and I. Please add your comments, ideas, thoughts, and suggestions in the comments sections found in each module. I will respond within 24 hours. I'm always open to new ideas and excited to grow my teacher toolbox. I can't wait to read your comments and questions so that we can learn and grow together.


With permission, we will use the French Playground Missions book (108 pages) as our example to springboard ideas for you to design and make your own French missions program from scratch. All resources are shared as free resources for you to try and use with your French students with complete consent from Educorock Productions. This is one of many programs that I've had the pleasure of working on as an author or co-author. I chose to use this one because I find it to be the most comprehensive. At the end of the course, you will have the opportunity to consider using the French Playground Missions as a chosen resource, but no purchase is required to benefit from all the free goodies, tips, and strategies packed into this Rock Your French Missions free mini-course. Enjoy!

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