Rock Your French Missions (FREE Mini-Course)

Try a couple French Missions out with your French students! This free mini-course contains all the tools you will need and even includes a bonus video for you to share with your students!

Why French Missions?

French Missions are perfect challenges to assign students in class, online, or for homework.

The French Missions:

  • Are perfect for when students are done their work and need an extra challenge
  • Are a sweet challenge for homework
  • Are the answer for the week before Christmas, Spring, and Summer breaks when students are restless
  • Cover French reading, writing, listening and speaking
  • Come with a Missions tracking sheet
  • Come complete with assessment grids
  • Are open for differentiated leveling. You can increase or decrease the level of expectations for each mission; making them usable for all grades, all levels.
  • Each Mission comes in two versions. One version with French-only instructions, and the other version with English-only instructions (which is sometimes convenient for home use or online learning)

What is included in the French Missions FREE mini-course?

The French Missions FREE mini-course provides you with two complete missions that you can use right away with your French students, no matter their grade, level, or ability! Plus, I've included a free extra bonus video that I think you'll enjoy!


Oh yeah, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Steven Langlois. I'm a K-12 teacher that has taught French for the better part of 27 years in Core French and French Immersion. I also live the dual life of a rockstar as the educational artist ÉTIENNE, which has me perform sold-out shows in theatres and arenas worldwide. But that's a whole other story... ;)

The real WHO is you (and your students, of course). Let's get your students on a mission for blazing down the road to French proficiency!


The French Missions are split into four different levels: 50, 100, 500, and 1000 point missions. Here are the complete instructions about each level:

French Playground Missions Instructions.pdf


Hand out, upload, and/or share this French Missions tracking tool with your French students. Students love keeping track of each completed mission!

French Playground Missions Tracking Tool.pdf


Here is the complete list of all 40 missions. In this free mini-course, you will try Mission #1 (50 point mission) and Mission #12 (100 point mission) with your French students.

French Playground Missions Table of Contents.pdf


Now that you have an idea of what the French Missions are all about, let's try a couple with your students! I just picked two at random. The fact is, each of the 40 missions bring with it its own set of various French fun and challenges. Enjoy!


There are four assessment grids, one for each point level. Feel free to set your own expectations, limits, standards, or requirements when it comes to assessing completed missions. If you teach advanced students, up the required amount of French needed for your students apply to a given mission. If you teach beginners, adjust the required expectations accordingly. The 50 and 100 point mission assessment grids will be provided with your two free missions, as will some tips and examples.

Getting ideas already for teaching French online or in class? Drop your thoughts and share you ideas in the comments section below.

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