Below is a copy of the entire SCREAM OF THE UNSEEN #MMIWG package. The package includes curriculum links (NBE3U), videos, resource tools, and assessment and evaluation tools.

This platform breaks down the package for ease of use. All pages on this platform have open "comments" sections. Feel free to use these open comments sections to post questions, make suggestions, and share resources and ideas in support of #MMIWG.

Teacher NBE Studies (FNMI) - SCREAM OF THE UNSEEN PACK - rockyourclass Rock Your Class.pdf

Teachers are also encouraged to download and review the resources provided by Kids Help Phone.

Kids Help Phone Back-to-school-toolkit-EN-FINAL-compressed.pdf
Kids Help Phone Wheel-of-Wellbeing-EN-FINAL.pdf
Kids Help Phone Stress-2020-EN-FINAL.pdf
Kids Help Phone KHP-Something-on-your-mind-2019.pdf
Kids Help Phone Back-to-School-Checklist-FINAL-2.pdf
Kids Help Phone Back-to-School-Adults-EN_FINAL-1.pdf
Kids Help Phone Online-Hate-2020-EN-FINAL.pdf
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