Dear Educators,

As a proud educator and person of Métis heritage, it has been my pleasure to assemble this free resource for use in NBE and English classes. This project was developed with family contributions via artwork and essays by Sophie Langlois and music written by Nathan Langlois. As an ambassador to Kids Help Phone, I believe it is important to discuss matters like the #MMIWG movement in the NBE and English courses in a way that provides a guided perspective with supports.

THIS IS A COMPLETELY FREE RESOURCE. Even the newly created Interactive Comprehensive Reader is sold as non-profit with ANY AND ALL proceeds going to KIDS HELP PHONE and various not-for-profit Indigenous support centers.

The song and music video included in this package is written and performed by the band NOUS. NOUS is a French word meaning "we" and represents the collective that by definition highlights the fact that we should all be treated equitably; with voices that deserve to be heard. This free resource allows further discussion in class about the "Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls" via song and visual art. With support of their teachers and using the tools provided in this package, students will discuss these real-life issues and collaborate to discuss possible solutions to common circumstances that face pre-teens and teens of today. The goal is to leave students with a better understanding of the MMIWG cause, and the power of students' own voices and self-worth.

The Persuasive Letter project included in this resource is a powerful tool for discussing cultural appropriation.

Enjoy this free resource!

Yours in education,

Steven "ÉTIENNE" Langlois


Educators are asked to be aware that some issues covered in this package may be sensitive or serve as a "trigger" for some students that may have experienced or may have been privy to like-experiences covered in the included material. We encourage educators to be aware of students' needs and allow them to participate or not participate in activities depending on and within their levels of comfort. Educators are recommended to review the included Kids Help Phone resources in advance of using this package (found on the free online platform). Special thanks to Kids Help Phone for their support to students and educators supplying the included KHP resources.

Visit kidshelpphone.ca for further KHP resources and support.

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