Live French, learn French

Easy motto to teach by. At the end of the day, if you keep that motto in focus, you'll build a great French program. Ask yourself if what you're teaching is something that students currently live or will be living and experiencing in their lives. Living French in class makes learning French more natural. Engaging students in French order forms, maps, registration forms, menus, etc. is always better than traditional stacks of French worksheets. Doing "real things" in French with your students virtually eliminates the question of "Why are we doing this?"

You can even include the classroom environment in this. For example, I may arrange my class desks into six groups of five desks each. Each group could be an "arrondissement de Paris." Each day, students have to go to their "mailbox" and pick up their daily task. One day, the group must shop for groceries, the next day search for a job, the following day look for a new apartment in their area. The possibilities are endless.

Keep things real

Live French, learn French is a good place to start when it comes down to keeping things real for your students. But what is really real for your students is what is most important to them. Consider French activities, tools, tasks, assignments, and projects that include:

A variety of current medias. French music with an energetic, driving beat. Films or video clips that include people of their age and ethnic backgrounds.

What is the DJ DELF Kit complete online access?

This is a platform for teachers to access and even teach directly from. This is not for student access which means no fussing with student logins and passwords!

Who is this for?

This is for all French teachers. K-12. All levels (Core, Basic, Extended, AP, IB, M-O-U-S-E, French Immersion, and French first language).

It's for busy teachers that want a complete program with all the bells (or Bell Work... lol) and whistles so that they can concentrate more on their students' journey down the road to French proficiency, rather than spending extended time building and constantly re-building that road along the way

A solid French program that can be taught online, in class, or hybrid. A solid French program that includes:

  • Stress-free planning
  • Class starters
  • Authentic activities and projects
  • Differentiation and modification (for those teaching split or combine classes)
  • Assessment and evaluation
  • Meeting 100% of your curriculum expectations
  • Injecting French culture
  • Setting up you and your students for success

Click through the modules. But treat this like a conversation. Please add your comments, ideas, thoughts, and suggestions in the comments sections found in each module. I will respond within 24 hours. I'm always open to new ideas and excited to grow my teacher toolbox. I can't wait to read your comments and questions so that we can learn and grow together.

What are your general thoughts on French programs? This is a live online course. Drop your thoughts and share you ideas in the comments section below. Let's engage in this important conversation about what makes a good French program.